In light of the keenness of the oil sector to provide health care for workers and their families, especially companies with a low labor density, which do not find opportunities to obtain discounts and discounts from the authorities and find it difficult to enter into contracts with medical bodies for the small number of employees of those companies From this point of view, our company (Ssco) was able to combine companies with a small and medium labor intensity to the Sinai Company and benefit from a single medical network by contracting with a widespread medical network including the largest and most famous hospitals as well as laboratories and radiation centers. It also includes a group of doctors as well as pharmacies to provide Medicines, and we are keen to have those contracts at discounted prices and large discount rates

Sinai Company implemented this goal as of January 2018, taking into account the facilitation of procedures for obtaining medical services for employees of sister companies. Provided that the cost of contracting with companies to benefit from the activity described is "administrative expenses"